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CB1100F Frame Off Restoration



   Welcome to the 1983 CB1100F restoration Page. I bought this 1100F and an '82   900F as a package deal. The 1100 engine was in the 900 (don't ask!) That's the way I got it!  The 900 engine was loose. I ended up parting out the 900F, it was too far gone. After 2 years, the bike is complete and is showroom new. It has all N.O.S. bodywork, an NOS out of the box European Sport Kit, NOS rear shocks, NOS seat, hand grips, rear fender, wire harness, plug wires, exhaust pipe collars, exhaust heat shields, and mirrors. All the nuts, bolts, washers, clips, cotters, rubber tubing,  & springs (kick stands) have been replaced with brand new from Honda. Every black painted part has been Powder Coated and is beautiful! The wheels were polished and repainted to look new. Enjoy the groups of pictures below showing the process of the Restoration.




























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  Before Restoration   Disassembly   Anatomy of a CB1100F  
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Removal of the VIN Tag


Intrument Panel Resto



  Powder coating   Brake Rotor Restoration  

Finished Restoration


This picture was taken in 1983 of me and my new 1100F the day I got it.


Before Restoration

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Anatomy of a Honda CB1100F
This is a sight you don't see every day :) Just setting it up to take these pictures took hours of preparation, but it is worth it. The disassembly and cleaning the parts of a bike is just as important as the assembly. Great care & patients needs to be taken. It is probably the most time consuming but it will payoff during the re-assembly process.

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Front Brake Rotor Restoration
Wow, it is amazing what a scotch-brite pad and a little silver paint does to make these old rusty 21 year old rotors look like new again. I rubbed these rotors with a scotch brite pad until my arms fell off (about an hour for each side of each disk) but wow, they really look great. The wheels were cleaned up, then using a scotch brite pad and Semi-chrome, I polished the aluminum highlights. Then, as shown in the pictures, I masked everything but the black, and shot them with semi-gloss black. They look brand new again. This little adventure took about three hours per wheel, but what a difference. 


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Removing the VIN Tag off of a CB1100F
 I devised a great way to extract the brads from Honda VIN tags. Get an extender nut and a curved head bolt as shown. adjust it to just a wee bit longer than the distance between the sharp end of the brad, which is sticking out through to the inside of the steering head, and the opposite side of the steering head. Holding it with a long pair of needle nose pliers, slide it down to the brad, and rotate the curved head of the bolt back and forth. As it rotates to the apex of the bolt head, it pushes the brad out enough to be able to grab it from the outside and pull it out. They came out really easy, and undamaged. Then you have to get a sharp thin knife and gently separate the VIN tag from the frame. Honda used a little glue to hold it in place. After the powder coating, it will go back on the same as factory and look as if it was never removed! You can get the bolt setup at OSH or any hardware store.

Insert the screw assy into the tube with the curved head up against the tip of the brad that sticks thru the steering stem.

Hold it in place with a long needle nose pliers

Then turn the nut which will expand the curved head out and push the brad out as shown in the picture below.

At that point, all you have to do is pull it out with your finger nail. I don't use pliers as the brads are brass and are really soft. Immediately put the brads and the vin tag into a zip lock bag, if you drop the brads, you will NEVER see it again!!! LOL and you can NOT buy new ones that are exactly the same as the originals!

GENTLY pry off the VIN tag, It was glued on from the factory, so be careful. I also carefully use a razor blade.

Reassembly is easy, just push the brad back into the hole, DON"T DROP IT!!!, Then tap them back in place with a soft hammer

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CB1100F Reassembly

CB1100F Euro Sport Kit Installation
The Euro Sport Kit was available as an option for these bikes that is a really cool setup. They had to be ordered from the Honda dealer and were pretty expensive, so as a result, are extremely rare and still really expensive. I was LUCKY to find an NOS in the box kit and paid dearly for it. I do think I will ever find another NOS one.
By the way, I have guys contacting me to see if I have any for sale, and even if I had any euro sport kits, I wouldn't sell them. LOL, sorry

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CB1100F Engine Reconditioning and Painting
The 1100F engine, like all Honda engines, are beautiful to look at. But after decades of wear and tear and being F'ed with by hacks, they need some TLC.
I spend no less than a solid week of hours cleaning up and repainting the engines, on both the 1100F and 900F bikes as well as the CBX which is the MOST beautiful engine Honda ever produced. I spare no time or expense on this aspect of the restoration because it is equal to the body work as far as the most important part of the restoration.
These pictures are the result of countless hours of bringing the engine back to its original beauty.

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CB1100F NOS Body Work
It doesn't get any better than this. And like the NOS Sport Kit, no I do have any more and if I did, it would not be for sale :)

CB1100F Front Master Cylinder Restoration
Repainting the Master Cylinder with Semi-Gloss Engine Paint does wonders for an old worn out looking MC

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CB1100F CB900F Rear Shock Restoration
As long as these old Honda shock are not leaking fluid, they can be restored to look like new again. Simply put, disassemble them, clean them up and repaint them with high gloss engine paint. Then polish the polished aluminum areas and you end up with a sweet looking pair of shocks.

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CB1100F Swing Arm Restoration
A painted swing arm such as the one that the 1100F has can be easily brought back to look like new again by sanding down, repaint it with silver engine paint, cooked in the oven at 450 degrees for 10 minutes or until very hot (do this while the wife is out, and open up all the windows :) )

Heat up the paint by running it under scalding hot water or put it in a sauce pan of boiling water until the can is just to the point of being very warm to the touch. This will allow the paint to go smooth and evenly. Don't worry, it's not going the explode unless you leave it in the boiling pan of water until it does explode, and then you will have your motorcycle taken away because you are not ready yet. :)

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CB1100F Finished Frame Off Restoration Gallery

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